Toll employee


We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of learning and development services to support their staff.

Toll employs approximately 40,000 people across 1200 sites in more than 50 countries, so we fully understand the importance of up-skilling and developing staff to enhance motivation, workplace productivity and retention.  Continuous training and assessment is a fundamental part of our business.

Drawing on our expertise in this area, we provide training services as part of the extensive suite of recruitment services we offer to the transport, logistics, resources and supply chain sectors.

We offer access to quality training courses and providers who are aligned with individual learning and development models. We’re also able to draw on our considerable expertise as a global logistic provider to provide training in several specialised areas of logistics.

So whether you require the provision of a particular course to meet a specific training need or you’re looking to develop and implement a more comprehensive learning and development program for your staff, talk to us. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that’s tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Our training services

Course provision

We can deliver a range of courses to your staff. We work with a number of respected training providers who provide guidance, expertise and course materials for use in our training and development sessions. We can also provide you with a customised course solution - we’ll work with you to help in the design, development and implementation of any courses that you require.

Some of the courses we provide include:

  • Microsoft suite
  • business writing
  • customer service
  • sales
  • management
  • compliance
  • OH&S and first aid
  • first aid
  • communication
  • certificate and diploma courses
  • Bluecard OHS transport industry training
  • forklift training

Drawing on our considerable expertise as a global logistic provider, we can provide training for your staff in specialised areas of logistics including:

Dangerous Goods Management - drawing on our considerable expertise in Dangerous Goods transportation, we’ll provide your staff with specialised training in Dangerous Goods (DG) management to International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods standards. Our fully accredited and certified staff will educate your staff in Dangerous Goods Regulations and train them to handle Dangerous Goods safely. We also offer Dangerous Goods awareness training.     

Where we operate

We can organise course provision anywhere in Australia - talk to us about your needs and we’ll tell you how we can help.

We offer our Dangerous Goods training Australia-wide, and in Honiara and New Zealand. We can also organise to deliver our Dangerous Goods training in other countries, so talk to us about your needs.